• Actionstep

    Practice management software

    Actionstep is a practice management system designed primarily for legal firms but useful for any business that relies on workflows that need to be followed, such as insurance claims or accounting. It is cloud-based and resides on Amazon Web Services in Australia, so there is no need for any concern about the security of your data – it is secure, it will be backed up regularly, and it is accessible from any location.


    The heart of Actionstep is the workflow management system. This very versatile system allows you to create templates for all different types of matters and personalise them so that they run the way you want them to – there is no need to change the established practices that work for your firm.


    Actionstep allows you to automatically assign tasks, send emails and create documents and folders at set points within the timeline of your process. You no longer need to have any concerns about whether important steps have been skipped or forgotten.


    Actionstep integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, so all of your Actionstep documents can be worked on in Word, you can use Outlook for your emails and Calendar for your calendar.


    However, Actionstep is far more than just a practice management system – it will also allow you to run your entire office through it. It includes an accounting system that is fully compliant with all NSW regulatory requirements for Trust Accounting; it has an email system that will automatically allocate emails to the matters that they concern; and it can be used to manage staff, assets, marketing and even passwords. The timesheet system is fully integrated with the accounting system, so that all billable entries into timesheets are automatically picked up in the next billing cycle.


    Starting With Actionstep

    At Entasker, we are keen to work with you to come up with a solution that suits your business - whether you are just striking out on your own and have a limited budget, or you are an established firm looking to migrate from a different practice management system.


    We have experience in migrations from LEAP, Amicus, Open Practice, Locus, Affinity, PC Law, BHL, and Silq