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    Entasker specialises in migrations from one Legal Accounting System to another. We have over 3 decades of experience, from the smallest law firms to the largest in the world.


    It doesn't matter whether you're looking at a move to a top-end management system for larger firms - such as 3E or Aderant - or small-medium cloud-based systems - such as Actionstep, Smokeball or Mattero - we have the expertise to make your transition as stress-free as possible.


    We have staff experienced in transferring data from a wide range of systems, including:

    • LEAP
    • Affinity
    • Infinity
    • Open Practice
    • Amicus

    Don't see it above? Contact us to see if we can do your system.

    Interested in learning more?

    Send us a message via our Contact page, and one of our staff will get in touch with you to start discussing your requirements and get the ball rolling.


    Please note, changing practice management systems is not a trivial task, so to ensure the best outcome, you should contact us while there is still plenty of time left on your existing licences.

  • Actionstep

    Practice management software


    Transform your law firm's productivity at every step, with a flexible all-in-one practice management system for growing mid-size law firms.

    Actionstep is a practice management system designed primarily for legal firms but useful for any business that relies on workflows to automate tasks such as insurance claims, conveyancing or accounting. It is cloud-based and resides on Amazon Web Services in Australia. Your data is secure, backed up regularly, and accessible from any location.


    The heart of Actionstep is the workflow management system. This very versatile system allows you to create templates for all different types of matters and personalise them so that they run the way you want them to – there is no need to change the established practices that work for your firm.


    Actionstep allows you to assign tasks automatically, send emails and create documents and folders at set points within the timeline of your process. You no longer need to have any concerns about whether essential steps have been skipped or forgotten.


    Actionstep integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, so all of your Actionstep documents can be worked on in Word, you can use Outlook for your emails and Calendar for your diary.


    However, Actionstep is more than just a practice management system – you can run your entire office through it. The trust accounting is fully compliant with all NSW Law Society regulatory requirements; it has an Outlook interface that automatically allocates emails to matters; and can be used to manage staff, assets, marketing and even passwords. The timesheet system is fully integrated with the accounting so that all billable entries time appear up in the next billing cycle.


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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    https://www.entasker.com/blog/actionstep-xero-integrationWe start with the following principles. Everything to do with matters is done in Actionstep.Xero is your source of truth for your General Ledger and GST reporting.Integration is one way, Actionstep GL and GST details flow through to Xero. ...
    Quickest way to find out is to right click on the 3E logo and choose "Enable Debugging" and click on the Info tab on the right. It will show versions of 3E, server names and lots of other intersting info.   Or the following SQL select top 1 description from NxVersionHistory order byMajorVersion...
    3E maintains date effective records which record the history of timekeepers and matters over their time at a firm, and allow retrospective reports to be run.  So the question sometimes becomes, "please explain why do we have a fee-timekeeper working for us in 9999"?  Or in more technical speak, ...
    One of the most critical tasks in Professional Service Firms is Time Entry, which needs to be accurate and well presented.  Spell checking of the narration is an important part of that. We recently discovered that the dictionary we were using in our time entry system needed to be enhanced with...
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    Oliver Townshend

    Oliver Townshend

    Business Analyst

    Project Management



    Oliver has extensive experience working in the Legal Industry.


    Since 1999 he has worked on over 20 data migrations. As well as providing Migration services, he is available to consult on your firm's Data Migration Strategies, Implementation and Quality Assurance.


    He is also available for 3E custom development and reporting. With special in-house development tools, Entasker can rapidly develop solutions ensuring project delivery dates.


    Tony Calder

    Sales and Support




    Tony has extensive experience in many facets of IT and in sales.


    He is the primary contact for Actionstep and is available to answer any questions and to come to your office and provide a demonstration.

    Liam Bomford

    Sales and Support




    Tony has extensive experience in many facets of IT and in sales.


    He is the primary contact for Actionstep and is available to answer any questions and to come to your office and provide a demonstration.


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